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  • Beauty beyond appearance!
    Mornings are so beautiful, peaceful, calm and relaxing. Whenever I wake up early in morning and face the sunshine, it feels as if it makes me think that all my past mistakes and regrets are now gone, and now it’s a new bright day. So just do your best and forget the bad. Then there… Continue reading Beauty beyond appearance!
  • Master life!
    In the vacation, as I wanted to learn Rubik’s cube, I was very excited in the starting but then learning those algorithms (there were so many to learn) seemed to be boring. Maybe because it was difficult too. But even then I kept doing it. There was a curiosity in my mind and a desire… Continue reading Master life!
  • A PUZZLE – difficult but not impossible!
    Do you wanna invest yourself in the biggest, difficult and never ending puzzle! Go for life. Life is throwing a new piece of puzzle everyday. Some are partially solved, some get completely solved and some remain unsolved. But sometimes it’s better to let some puzzles be unsolved. We get happy, sad, angry and experience many… Continue reading A PUZZLE – difficult but not impossible!
  • Mistakes can lead to miracles!
    A mistake that makes you humble is better than an achievement that makes you arrogant. Anonymous We all make mistakes but only a few know the true way to deal with them. Making mistakes is not a wrong thing unless you are not learning from them. Making mistakes is a part of the process towards… Continue reading Mistakes can lead to miracles!
  • Embrace uncertainty!
    In the courageous standing of uncertainty, faith shows most visibly its dynamic character. – Paul Tillich At every path of life, everyone faces a situation and dilemma that are uncertainties. It is natural to have them but it will be a disaster to keep them. These doubts don’t exhibit how you are doing or whether… Continue reading Embrace uncertainty!
  • Confidence adds to beauty!
    Confidence is the ability to feel beautiful without needing someone to tell you. – Mandy Hale I was wondering one day if I need to change! If yes then how and why? I realized, I am somehow trying to follow others to make friends or you can say I was feeling somehow inferior, may be… Continue reading Confidence adds to beauty!

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